Consultancy in the fields of IP and IPR

infeurope provides a helpdesk for Horizon 2020 framework programme beneficiaries with legal experts in the field of Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights, supporting users in 28 member states of the EU in this field. This encompasses IPR support in infringement and enforcement of rights, as well as training on various aspects of IP.

One of our flagship projects is the European IPR Helpdesk. The accompanying website is the central point of access to all services surrounding the European IPR Helpdesk, including access to the helpdesk, fact sheets, training programmes, self studies, a calendar of IPR helpdesk related events and many more.

The European IPR Helpdesk has come a long way – started as a grant project over 15 years ago, it has undergone a number of iterations and evolvements. The continuation of the project was awarded to a consortium of infeurope with partners from Luxembourg and Germany in late 2010. Since the project launch, we have continuously improved all services surrounding the European IPR Helpdesk. Since some months the IPR Helpdesk became also an associated member of EEN (Entreprise European Network).

Integrating cutting edge technology with fresh and practical ideas is what defines us as a service provider. We want our clients, the stakeholders and the end users to have the best possible experience.

One of the aspects we have been working very hard on is to adapt the website of the European IPR Helpdesk to the ever-growing amount of publications as well as today’s needs for a flexible, mobile-friendly platform. Hence, the website makes use of modern technologies like the Drupal CMS, the Bootstrap Framework, HTML5 video and many more.

Our mission

  • provision of legal support
  • operation of a helpline
  • awareness raising activities
  • dissemination of information
  • operation of a helpdesk web portal

Our achievements

  • over 9000 registered users
  • weekly newsletter to over 7000 users
  • more than 50 high quality publications
  • over 1000 daily visitors