Capacity Building, knowledge management, information dissemination.

We offer bespoke solutions for clients in the fields of awareness raising (digitally as well as through physical event organisation), knowledge management platforms, helpdesks, e-learning and capacity building. Our flagship projects include knowledge management hubs aiming at the 28 Member States of the EU.

  • web portals enterprises of all sizes
  • 1st to 3rd level helpdesks operating with state of the art technology
  • knowledge hubs to support the creation, management and dissemination of information and materials to clients and stakeholders
  • design and implementation of content strategies to increase the reach
  • content analysis and search engine optimization of website content
  • enterprise class intranet social collaboration platforms to connect expert groups, even accross multiple countries
  • organisation of awareness raising activities and events

Business share

  • web portals
  • content strategies
  • communication plans
  • enterprise document management
  • knowledge hubs
  • event organisations